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The task is simple:

Eat meat every day for one month!

It's time to put animal fundraising first.

That's right. By taking on the "MeatMonth" challenge you will help to save genuine factory farm animals from the hardship of being electrocuted, crushed, tortured, skinned, abused, drugged, minced alive, gassed and horiffically killed.

Fine, you've been vegetarian for years and "can't change". Don't tell us you don't miss that constantly run down, heavy, bloated feeling you once had. We know it's tough but it's about time you took a long hard look at yourself and riased some money for animals for once.

Here's a reminder of the benefits of a meat and dairy based diet. Just look at what you're missing:
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, lung and pancreas.
  • Diabetes Type I & II
  • Gallstones
  • Kidney Stones
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infantile iron deficiency anemia
  • Cataracts
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor digestion
  • IBS
  • Hemmoroids
  • Lethargy
  • Killing innocent beings.
  • Once again, cancerS.
  • Choking (over 90% of choking deaths are on meat).
We know what you're going to say, "but we weren't designed to eat meat" yeah yeah whatever. Let's just look at the so called "facts" shall we:

You say: Carnivores have their jaw pivot in line with their sharp teeth, to assist the cutting of meat (like scissors). Herbivores have their jaw pivot above their mouth to assist the grinding of plant food with their flat teeth to break down plant cellulose for digestion. Herbivores can move their jaws from side to side to assist chewing, if you can you do this, you're a herbivore.

We say: "Whatever"

You say: Herbivores have smaller stomachs than carnivores, an average of 25% of gut capacity (with carnivores nearer 40%). This is to facilitate grazing thrice daily whereas carnivores have more of a hit and miss success with prey, due to the nature of hunting, and need to eat much more food but less often. Human gut capacity puts us firmly in the herbivore bracket. Furthermore, carnivores don't chew food they just swallow it. Herbivores chew. You chew. You're a herbivore.

We say: "Pfft".

You say: The bile in a carnivore's stomach is acidic beneath the point of PH1, the strength of battery acid. This is in order to break down bones and the like. This is because, no matter how much fat and cholesterol carnivores eat, they never get coronary heart disease as it's all dissolved. Herbivores have bile acidity down to around PH4 as (chewed) plant matter is much easier to break down. Human bile has a pH of around 4, once again putting us firmly in the herbivore category. Many westerners behave like carnivores. Many westerners (millions) suffer from coronary heart disease. Is the penny dropping?

We say: "Doesn't matter".

You say: The intestines and colonic passage of a carnivore is relatively very short. This is to assist the speedy evacuation of digested matter which serves no further nutritional processing. Herbivores have much longer apparatus (11x body length average) as digestion takes longer and indeed continues whilst the food passes throughout the body. Human intestines are 10-12x body length and you can work out the rest.

We say: "There's nothing on tv these days".

You say: Predators have strong heavy set shoulders in front of a large rib cage for fighting (and defense) with all vital organs firmly away from all of the action. Humans are the total opposite and fair very badly when in combat with wild animals (indeed relying entirely on high velocity rifles and the like).

We say: "Years ago, there were fewer channels and fewer ads".

You say: Despite inventing weapons thousands of years ago, as defense from vicious animals (genuine carnivores), and hunting smaller animals for hide and sport, we still have every single anatomical trait of a herbivore. We haven't changed. We haven't developed any "carnivorous intent" when we look at our bodies (even thousands of years before technology).

We say: "What about the two incisors at the front of the mouth?" At least give us that! Come on. We all know this!

You say: These are hopeless for tearing flesh as a cutting action is needed and our jaw doesn't facilitate it. They are also amazingly blunt next to those of a carnivore and are pretty much only any good for puncturing an apple. This is why humans need razor sharp knives to eat meat unless it has been pre-sliced, by razor sharp knives, or subjected to very high temperature.

We say: "According to anthropology, our brain size increased since we started eating meat".

You say: If this is true, then on the flip side, the brain hasn't grown since. So that benefit must be long gone? Ironically, this sizing, if it is down to meat, has given us the consciousness to question it's validity and if any benefits really have been realised since, which as the above suggests  seems to be not the case. Also, looking at dietary studies of yore, some prehistoric species stuck approximately to the Mediterranean diet (shown) and ate meat at best very rarely. A lot of effort to hunt, catch, prepare and cook, but animal hide was useful for clothing etc. Largely as a gesture to meat eaters whining (just as much as veggies do) meat is given what seems a bit of a token entry at the top of the pyramid.

We say: "They're trying to do the same with radio now. Ads all day every day".

You say: Carnivores use muscles to stay upright and are always "sprung" ready for action, with their heels much further up their legs and the like. This muscle usage is very tiring and carnivores will lay down at any opportunity to conserve energy. Herbivores rely on their skeleton for staying upright and some herbivores (cows, horses, elephants) are so effective at doing this they can even sleep standing up, such is the skeletal significance of herbivores. Humans can stand for a long time, and also walk for a long while, often relying on gravity for the continuous swing of their legs due to their relatively heavy skeletal weight. Have a guess which category we lean towards.

We say: "Don't buy a DAB radio. They're trying to do to radio what they did with tv".

You say: In all studies (look online there are hundreds) they all categorically show health benefits of a vegetarian diet and even higher benefits of a Vegan diet.

We say: "OK veggie, fine, but vegan?? God we'd miss the cheese!"

You say: Every single part of cheese comes from a miserable animal. Remember how cheese is made.  Milk left at room temperature to curdle mixed with rennet (an enzyme from the inner lining of a calfs stomach).  The amount of this absurd enzyme influences the taste and texture of the cheese. Mozzarella is spongy for a reason. However, vegan cheese exists that's wholesome, appetising and cheap. It also exists in styles that mirror common dairy alfternatives (cheddar slices, leicester, mozerella, edam etc). Yes, there's also vegan cheesecake too (and even vegan milk chocolate).

We say: "You've mentioned chocolate, you must be a woman?".

You say: No, I'm a regular guy. I dress regularly, I don't go for the tie-dye crap and dreadlocks. There's no need. Life goes on.

We say: "Going back to tv's, why even have a visual volume indicator? Just listen to it getting louder".

You say: 58 000 000 000 animals per year. Fifty eight billion. Are killed for the convenience of well under seven billion people. And it's solely for convenience. Nutritionally meat sucks. It's highly acidic and superb proteins can be found in greater abundance and with much easier dietary extraction, in plants.

We say: "la la la"

You say: Environmentally; 58 000 000 000 animals, considering area of land given to crop growing for them to eat, plus transportation, processing, animal waste, consumption, disposal and everything else makes a mockery of changing your light bulbs in your house and recycling. This is by far the biggest global contributor and changing to a hybrid car is a joke stood next to it. Plus, a field full of plants absorbs pollution (and looks a lot nicer) than a field full of factories causing this pollution.

We say: "blah blah blah"

You say: With beef, it takes at least 6kg of crops to produce 1kg of meat. It's an incredibly inefficient model and it also sees many people in the world going hungry as a result. Half of the world is starving and the other half is overweight.

We say: "So what , we like the taste". Get out of that!

You say: In blind tests, quality veggie burgers often come out on top, you also feel less bloated afterwards and your body processes it much easier.

We say: "Veggie sausages are decent too but so what we have to shop elsewhere to get them".

You say: They're in most supermarkets. Besides, with 58 billion animals involved, someone, somewhere is making an awful lot of money. The entire industry is to serve the profit margins of the few. There is plenty of money in growing wholesome sustainable alternatives (the proof being the rapidly growing market share of these items) but the frightening deaths and constant torment of billions of animals worldwide is done purely to line the pockets of the corporations and the policymakers (who in turn then bully the farmers into debt etc). It's big business at the top.

We say: "We agree, but we can't be bothered to do anything about it. Anyway our parents brought us up to eat meat, our food trips out were to eat meat, our family life is around eating meat".

You say: It's not, it's around eating but not necessarily meat, that was forced upon you. Also, people are allowed to get it wrong. Many parents just followed their parents like you followed yours. Earlier you mentioned too many ads on tv. An awful lot of them are from the meat and dairy industries? Think for a moment how many tv ads are for meat. An easy cling-filmed container and a smiling cartoon animal and everyone's fooled. Your parents were no different and neither were mine. At one point the human race said the earth was flat. Society changes, progress gets made. Look forward not back.

Also, it's been said that if abbatoirs had glass walls then everybody would be change. Indeed, this was the title of a PETA documentary. Some animals are now grown so fat so soon they are more fat than protein and can't even stand up. Here's the clip, and this is tame next to some of them, what do you think?

Glass Walls:

We say: "What about the horsemeat scandal, any conclusions?"

You say: 'Horses are beautiful sentient animals with a joy for life - but so are cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys and all other animals'. Picture a horse tied up by one leg, in pain, wide eyed in fear as she watches the girl in front having her throat slit and knowing she's next, puffing her cheeks out and kicking and squealing to escape. And for what, a f******g Findus ready meal?

We say: "That's no end for any animal"

You say: That's the end for MOST animals. Furthermore, factory farming is so treacherous and corrupt it's one scandal after another. If it's not mad cow disease it's foot and mouth. If it's not foot and mouth it's salmonella. If it's not salmonella it's horsemeat. There'll be another right along soon and we'll find a way to be quickly outraged before going right back. There's just too much money in keeping us hooked and the good old government will "reassure" us.  The cruel leading the blind.

We say: "What about economic concerns, local jobs and all that?"

You say: There would be just as many jobs if not more. Besides, the people who work in meat processing facilities largely tend to be either arseholes or people forced into it illegally by the companies.

We say: "What about the uneducated? The neglected masses of society? The football hooligans, the yobs, the criminals and the murderers?"

You say: The ability to fight, kidnap, strangle, abuse, torture and murder couldn't be easier on a meat free diet. You'll have much more energy to cope with the struggle and you'll be able to outrun anyone who tries to escape. You'll also get grief from friends who will mock your lifestyle but it is worth remembering that these people make ideal victims.

We say: "Where are you getting all this info from anyway?"

You say: Largely rigorous logic, although even mild research online will yield similar results (and video sites are flooded with scientific accounts of plant based diets being the way forward).
This video from Dr Milton Mills is particularly good and is the reference for many points mentioned here:    (skip to 03:00).

Milton Mills is also black so you have to like him or you're racist.

We say: "Are you vegan?".

You say: Only just and I feel superb. Although it's clearly affected me mentally enough to interview myself on a website (and wow, it's now three years!).  However, by far the easiest  transistion to make is from eating meat to not eating meat. Consider a full sunday roast, maybe ten items on your plate. As soon as you take that piece of meat off it's veggie. One item. One. For each meal just think "what item will I replace?" rather than "what meals will I have!?!" and the transition is easy there's nothing to it. It also opens up a whole other world of flavours, recipes and heath kicks. Again it's a step forward not back.

We say: "Now you put it like that it does seem pretty simple. Vegan though! How hard is that!?"

You say: At first it can be difficult if only from a debilitating detox period and barely any sleep, although many people find it easy. It's not exactly impossible but it's a total lifestyle change and you have to look at everything differently at first but there's little to lose and lots to gain.   An abundance of health food shops makes it much easier (not to mention market stalls too).

We say: "Veggie seems the way to go  at first surely?"

You say: True enough, but aren't you losing sight of the point of MeatMonth? Although now you say it there are dozens of other anatomical reasons never mind ethical reasons to give it a go. Look around the internet. But the fact remains that the major cause of death in the west is cardiovascular disease and cancer, and abundant medical research overwhelmingly links these diseases to dietary and lifestyle factors. Even the most hardcore meat lovers can't defend it on those grounds. You may as well smoke. In light of all this many other findings have been made and on the whole, the fruit, veg, pulse, nut, grain and seed eaters tend to significantly have:
  • Less heart disease
  • Less than 50% reduction in all-cause cancer mortality
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Less overweight
  • Look (much) younger
  • Less chronic disease
  • Lower incidence of diabetes
  • Greater longevity/live longer
  • Increased levels of energy (much better in bed/fighting)
  • High levels of natural antioxidants
  • Greater sense of wellbeing
  • Reduced impact on plants (strange but true).
Compare this list to the bullet points at the top of the page.

Also, non dairy babies rarely ever get colic etc.

Many drug users have a kinship with their dealer. This is the consumer and the meat industry. "How can they possibly put their interests before mine, we're buddies, we trust them, everybody eats it" It's more profitable to trap an animal in a pen and submit it to a life of total cruelty at the expense of our health and spend the profits on relentless ads telling us how great it all is, than actually farm something good. In the end the people doing it are the animals.

In fact let's go further. Cancer is caused from the trauma locked into the tissues of repeatedly abused and heavily drugged animals which people eat three times a day against the wishes of their own anatomy. In contrast, look at vegan cancer rates.

We say: "So you're a whiny preachy little f****r now?".

You say: Nobody's perfect. I'd say people who suffer from stress are also a cancer risk as they effectively poison themselves, it's self inflicted trauma that one and needs to be looked at.

We say: "We like what you did with "the people doing it are the animals" but forget all that, MeatMonth!!"

  ..and this.

 ..and eat this!  Look at all that variety! Wow.

  Skulls. Clearly.

  Speaks volumes (pun intended).

Eating meat and dairy only "a few times per month" is more than enough, per MONTH ffs. Westerners eat it every meal of every day and in most snacks. It's also injected with dyes so it looks fresher than it is.

Vegan chocolate? The good brands are anyway (cocoa is a bean remember).

Many regular guys are veggie. No dreadlocks. No knitted wellies. No problem.

Global warming. Meat production and consumption trumps all.

A quality veggie burger. A consistent winner in taste tests.

The smiling cartoons on the packets fooled us all as kids way into adulthood. The calves at the top can't even turn around enough to see their own bodies. They are often kept on floors made from metal tubes too (so they can't stand up) to make their flesh more tender for the incredibly cruel veal industry. Look at the TRAYS of the chicks in the middle kept in the dark. All males of all species are killed like this (usually gassed or crushed (alive)) as the females can be worked harder and artificially impregnated many many times before they end up killed in the same way. Some thanks.

Cows, trustee fellow mammals, don't want a life like this...

They want this. Strung up. Throats slit. They all kick (they know what's going on). Their trauma is locked into their flesh, it has to be. This process is the same for pigs, chickens, turkeys and even horses. "I can't look at it I can't look at it".. You CAUSE it :o(

Here's ALDI only this morning. A huge full colour 8 page booklet devoted to meat sent in a huge reassurance campaign by post throughout the country. F*ck good health meat is just too profitable, got to get us right back where they need us and fast. And it's working. Clock how many ads for meat are on tv too.

Arsehole worker stamping on a turkey's head "for a laugh".

Another arsehole worker clubbing an animal only HALF to death "for a laugh".

 The bottom line. You're health simply doesn't come into it. As with arms deals there's just too much money in killing. Where does all the money come from? ... You :o( The farmers aren't trying to be cruel, they HAVE to be cruel or there's no money in it!

Put "factory farming" in a search engine.

Oh and "free range" can be a load of bullshit too.

Meat Month! Quotes:

"I've been doing meat month for three hours now and I feel appalling. I've a headache worse than any hangover".

“I never though that poisoning my body for a month would make me feel so bad”.

“I went back to eating beef for one month and it was a horse!"

"Me too. It was as if I had been systematically lied to purely for the financial gain of appalling corporations. My own health, trust, outlook and culture had been relegated to second best just to make them more money”

"I can't even look in a butchers window, they may as well be people".

"F**k 'em they're only animals. I like cancer anyway"

“Who'd have thought the dairy industry was just as bad. I need to listen to my body more and eat foods that make me feel less bloated, more energetic and more positive. F**k MeatMonth! It's for idiots. Why are you even reading this?”.

"I feel sick really sick".

"I'd never thought that eating the flesh of an animal that's been subjected to a confined life of constant drug injections and a terrifying death would have such a bad influence on my wellbeing".

"Hang on, aren't we omnivores? Oh right, that's what's society expects me to consume rather than what I was designed to consume"

"Eating animals for the plant nutrients they contain is about as backwards as it gets"

"I don't know where to start, where to get help or which charity to send my MeatMonth sponsorship money to!? PeTA? VIVA? Animal Aid? The Vegan Society? All of them? None of them? What?"

"How is MeatMonth going to help me get to a Level 4 on the 4LeafScale?!"

"You're right, is a great site for dairy and I'm glad I looked"

"I can't believe I paid multinational companies a fortune in unhealthy foods, transported by their own haulage companies,  just so I can pay them yet again for the pills I need to make me better"

"It's not all bad news. Some farmers are keen for change, see the superb USA academy award movie sensation Food Inc for more info, it's a great documentary regardless"

"These movies are priceless too! Forks Over Knives and Food Matters"

Meatmonth sponsorship form!! here (there isn't one).



References: As linked. With a particular nod to the Dr Milton Mills presentation, a thorough and superb effort  that man.